KALIKOT: Locals at six different VDCs in the district are worried over a looming famine after the crops started to wilt due to a dry spell. People of Dhaulagah, Khin, Nanikot, Thirpu, Ramnakot and Badalkot are concerned of a food shortage as the paddy, maize and other food grains started drying up due to the drought. Meanwhile, locals reached the district headquarters with the wilted paddy and maize plants in order to urge the government to take initiation for supplying food grain to them. Locals complained that they have faced such food shortage in the past as well, therefore, irrigation facilities should be managed as a permanent solution. Chief District Officer Pradeep Shrestha assured that the local administration would take immediate measures to provide food grain to the needy people and would collect the details of the crop losses caused by the drought as well.