Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha to launch struggle for separate state

BIRGUNJ, July 23

Leaders of Samyukta Lokatantrik Madhesi Morcha have warned they will launch a struggle to sever Madhes from the rest of the country should discrimination against the people there continue.

Speaking at a meeting organised to protest the draft constitution in Birgunj on Thursday, leaders of Madhes-based parties aligned to the Morcha voiced the warning.

“Though the Madhesis are always in favour of national unity, the ruling parties NC and UML are always sceptical about us.

If such attitude continues among the big parties, we will have no option other than to sever the belt from the rest of the country,” said Tarai Madhes Rastriya Sadbhavana Party national Chairperson Mahendra Prasad Yadav.

Sadbhavana Party Co-chair and CA member Laxmanlal Karna  pointed out the need to sever ties with the rest of the country if the ‘genuine demands’ of the people living in the Madhes were not addressed.

Many other speakers at the meeting criticised the constitution draft born out of the ‘deal’ of the so-called major political parties.