Loser YCL cadres go berserk in Tanahun

Tanahun, March 20:

YCL cadres vandalised the Adikavi Bhanubhakta Multiple Campus in Tanahun last night.

YCL cadres barged into the campus premises and vandalised it after it became sure that the joint panel of ANNISU-R and ANNFSU was not going to win the FSU polls in the campus, a campus source said.

The vandalism left windowpanes and doors of the campus damaged, the source said.

The YCL cadres vandalised the campus while counting of votes was ongoing. At the last point of count, NSU had polled 560 votes while the joint panel of the leftist student unions had got only 165 votes. When it became sure that they will not win, the representatives of ANNISU-R walked out of the vote counting venue all of a sudden by tearing apart the ballot papers.

Tension ran high today after the NSU claimed itself victorious in the poll. Students affiliated with the NSU pulled down a broad of ANNISU-R in the campus. Police charged batons to take the situation under control.

Meanwhile, a report from Mahendranagar said, ANNFSU and ANNISU-R padlocked Sharada Vidhyapeeth in Mahendranagar today, demanding re-election for the FSU in the college.

The unions said the NSU was declared winner in the college with the help of police and that the result was not acceptable to them. A joint press release issued by the ANNFSU and ANNISU-R said there were irregularities in the poll and the campus would be closed until a decision to hold a fresh election was reached.

A report from Dhankuta said, students of ANNISU-R thrashed Balmiki Poudel of ANNFSU nearby the Dhankuta Multiple Campus today. The situation became tense in Dhankuta bazaar after the incident. An all-party meeting was called to solve the problem related to the FSU poll in Dhankuta Multiple Campus, however, the meeting could not be held after the representatives of the Maoists did not come, the local administration said.

FSU poll was postponed in Dhankuta Multiple Campus after students’ organisations clashed over the issue of fake identity cards of the students.

Meanwhile, a report from Pokhara said vote counting of FSU election in PN Campus was postponed this evening after NSU and ANNISU-R said there were irregularities in counting.