‘Lower class ignored in draft constitution’

SURKHET, July 19

Participants at the feedback collection programme organised by the Constituent Assembly Secretariat in Birendranagar, Surkhet, have aired their suggestion on political provision and constitutional appointments.

Agendas concerning lower class people’s life did not figure in the suggestions.

Of the 87 suggestions sent to the centre by the team from the CA secretariat, 26 suggestions are related to appointments in constitutional bodies. Similarly, 21 suggestions are on political and governance system.

These suggestions are concerned with local, provincial, and national level election, qualification for election system among others.

Participants have raised issues of qualification, appointment, retirement age and jurisdiction while appointing people in constitutional bodies.

The suggestion sent to the centre contains four suggestions on anti-graft body CIAA. People have suggested managing the CIAA at the local level in the new federal set up. Some have aired their discontent with the modus operandi of the CIAA.

Feedback collection Coordinator Navraj Acharya said that they had sent to the centre what the people had suggested. People have suggested minimum SLC to be eligible to contest village, district, and other elections.