LPG dealers fleecing customers

Khotang, April 7

Liquefied petroleum gas traders of Khotang are taking customers for a ride by charging them exorbitantly.

There are three LPG dealers dealing in Nobel, Rijal and Kankai brands and various sales outlets across the district. But customers are paying an exorbitant price for the basic commodity.

Though the product is bought at 1,400 rupees per cylinder from Janakpur, by the time it finally reaches customers, it costs Rs 2000, a difference in price that is simply unjustified. It is learnt, the Rs 1,400 worth commodity is sold to sales outlets at Rs 1,800.

Up to last year, however, all brands of LPG cost from Rs 1,750 to Rs 1,800.

Nobel Gas dealer Homraj Thapa, however, tried to justify the price attributing the extra price burden to the cost of transportation and loading and unloading. “As there are all sorts of expenses till the cylinders reach customers, we can’t do anything,” he argued.

Khotang Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairperson Rajendra Layalu rued the increased LPG price. “Fleecing customers is not tolerable; I will discuss the matter with the concerned traders,” he said.

On his part, Chief District Officer Chandra Bahadur Karki said he will take action following investigation. “Now that I’m learnt about this ‘cheating’, I will talk to the concerned entrepreneurs and take action if the need arises,” he promised.