Palpa, April 7:

Frequent bandhs has affected the supply of essential commodities and food items in the hilly areas of Lumbini.

Bhushan Rajlawat, chairman of Palpa Chamber of Commerce, said they have not been able to import essential commodities, including food items, as the main entry points remained closed due to continuous bandhs.

Rajlawat said,” We are already running short of food items. If something is not done about it soon enough, the people in the region might face a bigger tragedy.” Shailendra Bhattarai, owner of a grocery store in Tansen, lamented that the government paid least attention to their plight.

Haribol Bhattarai, a trader, said price of food items had gone up to about 25 to 30 per cent as the supply line had been cut off due to the repeated bandhs. He said, “Prices would come down only when the normal goods supply resumes.”

Hemantaraj Shakya, an oil trader, said even the supply of petroleum products had been affected due to bandhs. There is also an acute shortage of food in Gulmi and adjoining areas.