'Lust for power to blame for lack of development'

Chitwan, May 7

New Force Nepal Coordinator Dr Baburam Bhattarai today said that country had failed to develop due to politicians’ ‘insatiable lust for power’.

Addressing a meeting organised by his party in Bharatpur of Chitwan, Bhattarai stated that hunger for power among political leaders had posed a grave risk to democracy. “Only political stability can drive the nation towards the path of development and prosperity,” added Bhattarai. He also urged the political parties and their leaders to be responsible and accountable to the people and the country. He stressed on directly-elected presidential system for political stability.

On Tarai Madhes crisis, Bhattarai argued that silence maintained by the major parties was not helping resolve problems in the Tarai.

Stating that maligning others would not make one a true nationalist, Bhattarai urged all and sundry to commit to solving problems facing the country.