Madhes agitation meaningless: PM

Dhangadhi, December 18

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli today said the ongoing agitation of the Madhes-based parties was ‘meaningless’ as the demands of the Madhesi community had already been addressed by the new constitution.

Speaking at a gathering organised by the UML in Kailali on Friday, PM Oli accused the Madhesi leaders of being guided by vested interests. “Madhesi leaders have betrayed the people of Madhes,” he said. He also accused them of shutting schools in Tarai and sending their own children to study abroad.

“The Madhesi leaders ride their own cars and torch ambulances, which ferry patients. These are anti-Madhesi people. Leaders of Madhes-based parties are not fighting for the rights of the Madhesi community,” he said.

PM Oli argued that some anti-national elements have been spreading illusion among the people. “No country has such an inclusive constitution like that of Nepal. Moreover, constitution is an amendable document, which can be improved by making timely amendments,” he said.

He said the blockade at border checkpoints is just a farce. “Around 50 people have been staging demonstrations at border checkpoints, “ he said, adding that a agitation with such low participation cannot be an agitation of the entire Madhesi community.

On a different note, PM Oli urged people to be cautious of those who want to disrupt social harmony and want to turn Nepal into Rwanda. “No force can change Nepal into Rwanda,” he warned.

PM Oli also called for cooperation from all for effective implementation of the new constitution. “It is high time for us all to unite for the development of the country,” he said. Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence Bhim Rawal said the provincial boundaries envisaged by the new constitution would not be changed.

Many of the leaders representing Tharu community demanded effective implementation of the constitution.

CPN-UML had organised far-western regional gathering to remove misconceptions among the people regarding the new constitution.