Madhes agitation victims’ kin in Janakpur file FIR

Janakpurdham, January 7

The families of three persons including a child who were killed during the Madhes agitation in Janakpur have prepared to file an FIR with the district police office of Janakpur terming the ‘murders’ extra-judicial.

Accusing the police of forcefully detaining ‘peaceful’ participants in the demonstration and exterminating them, the concerned relatives have dispatched a letter with FIR to Janakpur DPO, identifying half a dozen, including the district security agencies as defendants.

According to the victim families, police had detained and killed their family members during the Chalu Janakpur Bharu Janakpur campaign launched by United Democratic Madhesi Front during the Madhes agitation.

With the support of Tarai Human Rights Protection Network Third Alliance Janakpur, victim’s kin had sent the FIR.