Madhes-based parties likely to give tough fight to Big III in Morang

 Biratnagar, June 24

Madhes-centric parties and independent candidates are expected to give tough fight to the major parties — the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre — in the second round of civic polls in Morang.

There are as many as 563, 870 voters in the district. The Nepali Congress has strong hold in Biratnagar metropolis, Urlabari and Belbari municipalities. However, Madhes-centric parties also have strong support in Biratnagar.

Since Morang is considered the stronghold of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal and Nepal Democratic Forum, these two parties are optimistic about favourable results.  While a tough race between the CPN-UML and CPN-MC is expected  in Pathari Sanischare and Ratuwamai municipalities, Madhes-centric parties seem stronger in Rangali and Sunbarsi municipalities. Similarly, the UML has a good presence in Sundar Harincha and Letang municipalities. However, the MC and NC’s presence is also not weak.

Similarly, in Kanepokhari and Miklajung rural municipalities, CPN-MC appears stronger. Katahari, Jadaha and Dhanpal rural municipalities are taken as pocket areas of Madhes-based parties. UML seems dominant in Budhiganga and Gramthan rural municipalities.

A three-way fight can be expected in Biratnagar Metropolitan City, the one and only metropolis of Morang. The CPN-UML and Nepal Democratic Forum, CPN-MC and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal have forged electoral alliances in the Biratnagar metropolis. Binod Dhakal from the UML and NDF’s alliance, Umesh Yadav from the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal and CPN-MC’s alliance and Bhim Parajuli of the NC are contesting for the post mayor in the metropolis.

Namita Neupane from the MC, Indira Karki from the NC, Suchi Chaudhary from the NDF are contesting for the deputy mayoral post in the metropolis.