Madhes liberation not possible without armed revolt, says Yadav

Janakpurdham, January 22

Firebrand leader of CPN-Maoist Matrika Prasad Yadav said today that the liberation of Madhes was possible only through an armed revolution.

“In the present context, an armed revolution is the only way to secure the liberation of Madhes and Madhesis,” he said. The Maoist leader, who is also the coordinator of United Madhesi National Agitation Committee, also criticised the ongoing agitation of the United Democratic Madhesi Front.

“In fact, the five-months-long peaceful agitation has fallen flat for want of strategy,” he said, adding, “Therefore launching an armed revolt is the only option left for the Madhesi youths as the world history shows that behind every transformation there is a revolution.” The Madhes-based leader was also critical of the major parties’ attitude toward the current crisis facing the country. “On the one hand, leaders of the major parties seem least concerned the demands of the agitating parties. On the other hand, the agitating parties are capitalising on the ongoing crisis by smuggling fuel and other commodities,” he alleged.

“In fact, we also need to rise against those Madhesi leaders who are ditching Madhes and Madhesis,” said Yadav, who was cynical about the recent calls by some leaders for unity between the county’s communist forces.

He also stressed on the possible threat to the national sovereignty if the rights of the Madhesis were not guaranteed in the constitution.