Madhesi Front will call it quits if no clear model on provincial boundaries brought in at tomorrow's talks: Upendra Yadav

KATHMANDU: The coordinator of the United Democratic Madhesi Front, Upendra Yadav, warned that the agitating Madhesi parties would call it quits to the ongoing dialogue if the government and the main opposition party Nepali Congress failed to come up with a clear stance on the provincial boundaries in the talks scheduled for tomorrow.

Yadav said the UDMF would focus on the agitation instead of protracting the dialogue and creating uncertainty to agitation if the government did not bring in a clear model on the demarcation of federal provinces, according to a report on the Reporters Club's website.

Accusing the government side of trying to weaken the agitation in the name of talks, Yadav said the talks could not be decisive at the existing state of affairs. According to him, the UDMF would launch decisive agitation if the talks failed.

Meanwhile, top leaders of the UDMF, including Yadav, would not take part in tomorrow's talks, the Reporters Club's website reported.

The top leaders of the ruling coalition including Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, the main opposition Nepali Congress and the UDMF had held a meeting yesterday in a bid to resolve the ongoing Madhes crisis yesterday.

They, however, parted their ways without discussing the prime agenda of federalism and provincial boundaries, but with an understanding to hold a meeting at 6 pm tomorrow.


Decisive tripartite talks tomorrow