Madhesis warn of rebellion

Janakpur, June 26 :

Madhesi leaders here are warning of rebellion in Madhesh region if their community is not given due representation in the interim government and the constituent assembly.

The chairman of Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF), Upendra Yadav, accused the government of continuing discrimination against the Madhesi community.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Madhesi Intellects’ Forum (MIF) here today, Yadav said, “If Madhesi community is not given equal rights and citizenship before the election to a constituent assembly, then this election will be unacceptable to us.”

Former minister and general secretary of MPRF, Jay Prakash Gupta accused the government of apathy towards the Madhesi people’s problems. Gupta said, “The Madhesi

community is not represented in any of the government talks teams, monitoring committees or media commissions.”

Speakers, including the executive chairman of MIF, Dr Bijay Kumar Singh, district leader of Nepali Congress Brishesh Chandra Lal, Janakpur Zonal Committee member of CPN-UML Sheetal Jha, chairman of the town committee of NC-D Digambar Rai, dalit leader Ram Lakhan Thakur and chairman of the Madhesi Youth Forum Jeetendra Sonali stressed on equal rights for the Madhesis.