Maggot invasion ruins orange harvest


Orange farmers look worried here after maggots spoilt the orange harvest.

Til Bahadur Karki, a farmer, from Phungling Municipality, said the oranges were destroyed by maggots after orange trees started bearing fruit.

Karki, who has been doing commercial orange farming for 30 years, said the source of his income had ended all of a sudden with only 15 per cent oranges left in the trees till harvest time due to infestation.

“There are 300 orange trees in my farm. The fruits rot before they ripen. It directly impacted my income. But, the local government did not pay heed to it,” he said, adding that with the maggot invasion, oranges did not ripen but turned yellow and wilted. Although pesticide was used, it did not work well, he added.

“Earlier, when there was agriculture office, I could get some assistance to solve problems.

But, orange farmers are not provided assistance now,” Karki said.

The same problem has afflicted Bhakta Bahadur Tolang from Phungling Municipality.

He said the oranges rotted too early. It was more severe this year. “I’m thinking whether I should continue orange farming next year,” he added.

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