Maghi festival brings joy to Tharu community

Dhangadi, January 14

Tharu people are in festive mood on the eve of Maghi, the biggest festival of the community which also marks the beginning of their new year, in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts.

They have cleaned their houses and surroundings to welcome the festival.

Sakhiya dance and music have also added to the festive fervour in the community.

Earlier, local community members used to dance in groups but different clubs and organisations have taken over the tradition in recent years.

During this festival, special programmes are organised at Belauni, Sukhhad, Bauniya, and Bhada among other places of Kailali.

Former chairman of Tharu Welfare Assembly, Kailali, Prabhat Chaudhary said various programmes would be organised to conserve and promote Tharu culture.  The festival is celebrated for a week. Tharu community members have also chosen their leaders and cow-herders on the occasion. Local Tharus said the festival is equally celebrated by other communities.

Local Nepali Congress leader Khem Chaudhary said Maghi had brought goodwill among different communities. Meanwhile, Tharu people have demanded at least a three-day public holiday to observe this festival.