Thakur presents RJP-N’s political document

Party not to participate in elections till constitution amendment bill is passed

Kathmandu, August 2

Coordinator of Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal presidium Mahantha Thakur has stated in a political document that his party’s stance not to take part in local polls until its demands were met was intact.

Presenting a two-page political document to the party’s office bearers’ meeting today, Thakur said the party’s decision not to take part in election till the passage of the constitution amendment bill and fulfilment of other demands remained intact.

Thakur said the unity of six Madhesi parties in creating RJP-N was the unity of Madhesis and all oppressed groups and that unity had provided impetus to achieving the goals of empowerment and equality.

“This unity is not just the unity of six parties but also the unity of the dreams of martyrs,” read the document, “This unity has responded to those who said Madhesis cannot unite.”

He stated that unity among Madhesi parties had injected optimism and confidence in the Madhes. In an oblique reference to Upendra Yadav-led Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, Thakur said that one constituent of the United Democratic Madhesi Front not only rejected the offer of unity but also remarked against the RJP-N.

“One party, which became a victim of the ruling class’ conspiracy,  participated in elections in an attempt to weaken the movement of the oppressed groups whose  participation in election without ensuring amendment to the constitution,  undermined the sacrifices of martyrs and sentiments of hundreds of people who were injured in protests and the Madhesi people,” read the document.

He said the state had succeeded in dividing the agitating forces in two factions.

Thakur said the FSF-N which abandoned the agenda to take part in election could win only a very few seats in the second round of local elections. “Our movement weakened but our agendas remained solid as rock and our struggle continued,” Thakur said in the political document.

Thakur presented seven demands saying that the government must implement the three-point agreement signed with the RJP-N. Thakur stated that provincial boundaries should be revised along the lines of the report submitted by the erstwhile State Restructuring Commission and the number of local levels should be created in Madhes in proportion to the population of the region. Thakur further stated that there should be provision for proportional inclusion in all organs of the state and multi-language policy should be ensured.

Thakur further stated that compensation should be provided to the families of martyrs and provision should be made to help the injured people earn their livelihood. He said the state should waive tax and loan interest for the agitation period when agitating forces had resorted to move.

Thakur stated in his document that the government should provide enough relief to flood victims and should also announce special packages for drought affected farmers of Madhes.

He said in his document that the government should drop false cases filed against cadres of armed outfits.