Maithili festival begins

Mahottari, November 5:

Wishing their brothers healthy, prosperous and prosperous lives, sisters of the Maithili community began celebrating the Sama-Chakewa festival today.

The festival celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It begins on the day of Kartik Shukla Panchami and concludes on Purnima (on the night of the full moon).

Young girls and women of the Maithili community celebrate the fun-filled festival with much enthusiasm. Sisters mark this festival by making statues of clay.

The sisters begin making the statues of Sama-Chakewa from the day of Panchami. They should make the statues within the day of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi.

The festival is also known as Sama game. Gifts are also exchanged among relatives during the festivities.

Shyama and Charuwakya are taken as the symbols of birds. According to intellectuals, the words Shyama and Charuwakya later became Sama-Chakewa. Onslaught of urbanisation notwithstanding, the festival is still popular among the Maithili people living in rural areas.