OKHALDHUNGA: The Majhi community at Dhabuwaghat, living on the banks of Sunkoshi river in Okhaldhunga district, have been deprived of clean drinking water for nine years.

The settlement is forced to quench their thirst with the muddy water brought from the river. A local Nara Bahadur Majhi shared their plight that the entire village with 60 households at Sunkoshi Rural Municipality-1 in the district had no option but to use the water pumped from Sunkoshi river which is mostly muddy in the rainy season.

Although the rural municipality tried to lessen the acute shortage of water by installing a pump in the village, the water from the river was not drinkable and had an unpleasant smell.

Since the locals are forced to use such water for drinking, they are becoming prone to various health problems frequently. "Compared to winter, more people fall sick in the rainy season, especially children and senior citizens," added Nara Bahadur.