KATHMANDU: A local non-government organisation has extended support to a poverty-stricken Majhi family in Baglung district.

The 'Youth of Baglung' provided the family food commodities to celebrate the Nepali festival of Badadashain. The family of Sunmati Mahji from Maldhunga, which is located at the border area between Baglung and Parbat, was handed over food commodities worth Rs 10,000, organisation member Suman Regmi said.

The volunteers involved in social works as relief, rescue, support and awareness programmes saved money from their daily expenses to raise fund for the donation. Regmi added that the organisation has provided rice grains, oil and meat among other food items under the banner 'Let Everyone Celebrate Dashain'.

The Majhi family, which has traditional roots in the fishing business, has been toiling to make a living by collecting pebbles and gravels on the banks of Kaligandaki River.