Major parties begin preparing for first phase of elections

Kathmandu, March 4

Even though the boundaries of the local levels are yet to be determined and many issues remain unresolved, the major parties have started preparing for the May14  local polls.

However, parties associated with the Federal Alliance and the UDMF, want the constitution amendment bill passed first and have threatened to disrupt the polls.

The Nepali Congress has sent all its central committee members to districts to gauge the party’s popularity in villages and municipalities so as to prepare the party’s election strategies. “The party leadership has sent CC members to local areas with a 17-point terms of reference,” said NC central office Chief Krishna Paudel. The CC members have to obtain details of the party’s strength in the local levels and activities of its sister organisations. Paudel said the party would fill vacant posts in the  CC and also form departments that are yet to be formed.

The CPN-UML started its  Mechi Mahakali National Campaign from eastern Nepal today. The campaign is designed to woo Madhesi voters in Madhes where the party  faces the charge that it is anti-Madhesi.

UML Secretary Pradeep Gyawali said the party would prepare for local elections at four levels. According to Gyawali, the party’s coordination committee will be formed at the local levels that have been created by merging two or more local bodies.

The UML will then prepare local agendas, including the party’s views on local governance and its stance on the constitution amendment bill, national unity and social harmony. The party will  consult local leaders while selecting candidates.

The fourth largest party in the Parliament, Rastriya Prajatantra Party has fixed a nationwide campaign with the slogan ‘Janata ko majhama Raprapa’ (RPP with the  people).”

According to RPP lawmaker  Dilnath Giri, the RPP will launch a Mechi to Mahakali campaign similar to that of the UML. This campaign will, however, start in  Kathmandu and reach   Gorkha district. “We will highlight the agendas passed by the recent unity convention of the party including our demand for a  Hindu state  and our stance on  the constitution amendment bill,” he said.