Majority govt in sight: NC veep

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress vice-president Ram Chandra Poudel on Monday claimed that they had sufficient number of Constituent Assembly (CA) members to form a new majority government.

Speaking at an interaction here on Monday, Poudel said they were in the process of forming a new government led by the CPN-UML. “Consensus among political parties is a must to take the peace process to a logical conclusion. We have requested the UML to lead the new coalition to forge consensus among the parties,” he clarified. He also said the UCPN-Maoist would not lead the new government.

“The Maoists couldn’t embrace peace and democracy. They can’t lead the new government, as they are yet to mend their ways,” he said. Poudel also said the Maoist-led government failed because of their own activities.

He criticised the dual role played by the Maoists. “Though the Prime Minister tendered his resignation, his party is still in the government. But they are disturbing the House session,” he said. He added that the NC and the UML would choose another option to form the government if the Maoists continued disturbing the parliament.

Poudel also accused the former rebels of trying to impose autocratic regime in the name of respecting civilian supremacy. He criticised the UNMIN for committing mistakes while verifying Maoist combatants.

He, however, praised President Dr Ram Baran Yadav’s decision to reinstate Chief of Army Staff by overruling the cabinet’s decision. “By protecting the constitution, the President has made his role even more meaningful,” he said, insisting that the President’s move was constitutional.

Poudel said the Maoists had not returned property seized from people throughout the country during the insurgency, despite repeated assurances to do so.