Majority of LPG industries in Dhading lack safety measures

DHADING: People in Dhading district have been living in fear for their lives due to careless operation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industries, inattentive to safety measures.

The LPG industries established in areas along the Prithvi Highway near the capital and main cities in the district have posed threat to human settlements.

Currently, there are 19 LPG industries in operation along the highway from Khanikhola of Dhunibesi Municipality to Majhitar of Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality in the district. Few more LPG industries are being established in the area. The increasing number of industries has imposed challenges.

Local residents have demanded Dhading District Administration Office (DAO) to manage the industries established amid human settlements citing the risk these industries pose.

The DAO has committed to taking necessary action after conducting an on-site inspection and reporting to the sector concerned.

The irate local residents of Bishaltar in Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality have visited the DAO to complain that local Shree Maya Gas Udhyog turned a deaf ear in spite of their request from time to time to check leakage in the industry.

It has been noted that Shree Maya Gas Udhyog has been established in a human settlement at a distance of 50 metres (m) from a fuel station. Also, the bullet of refilling plant has been set up at the distance of 10m from the residences.

DAO Administration Officer Ram Mani Mishra said, the refilling plant has to be set up at a distance of at least 30m to 40m and has to be operated without disturbing nearby settlements.

Likewise, workers from several LPG and plastic industries in the district have complained that they face threat to their safety since no measures have been carried out at their workplace. They claimed that these industries have not been maintaining the required standard.

Although there is a provision that the gas refilling plant and petroleum dealers have to be set up at a fixed distance, majority of plants, fuel station and dealers have been established at a distance of no more than 50m, locals said.

The locals also lamented that most of the industries lacked emergency firefighting devices and appliances, pointing that there are shortages of water which such industries require in ample amount to cool down the gas bullet during summer.