Malaria cases down in Jhapa

Jhapa, April 26

District Public Health Office, Jhapa, said that cases of Malaria that were epidemic a decade ago have been falling fast in the district.

According to Vector Control Officer Bed Prasad Ghimire at the health office, the ailment has been dwindling since 2012.

Malaria was detected in just eight people in the current fiscal in the district. It was diagnosed in one person each in Baniyani, Pathmari, Budhbare, Birtamode, Bhadrapur and Prithvinagar and in two persons at Satasidham in the current fiscal.

The health office data shows that the disease was found in 42 people last fiscal while the ailment was detected in 58 people the year before that. This year, the number stands at eight.

Around two lakh sets of mosquito nets were distributed from 2008 to 2015 for malaria control in Jhapa. Ghimire said as many as 66 health facilities are offering free health check-up and distributing anti-malaria drug in the district. Medical Superintendent Pitambar Thakur at Mechi Zonal Hospital said that malaria was in terrible proportion in Jhapa just a decade ago. “These days, we check suspected patients. But, malaria cases are hard to find,” Thakur said.