Pokhara, May 7 There are more female students in schools assisted by Mustang Development Service Association than male students, a report developed by the association showed. The disproportionate ratio was a result of parents sending their male and female children to different schools, the report said. Parents in the area were more willing to invest in the education of their male children than female, so they sent their sons to more expensive private schools while they sent their daughters to community schools or NGO-funded schools. The report was developed by the Kondo Foundation, named after Japanese horticulturist and philanthropist Late Toru Kondo, who was also the chairperson of MDSA. The foundation surveyed four out of 14 schools built or assisted by the MDSA. The schools that were surveyed were Shree Janashanti Madhyamik Vidhyalaya (Kagbeni), Shree Janapriya Adharvut Vidhyalaya (Jhong), Shree Janakalyan Adharvut Vidhyalaya (Shyang) and Shree Dhumba Adharvut Vidhyalaya (Dhumba). The number of students in the schools were also found to be less than expected, said the report. It also said that most students were children of immigrants who had come to find employment in the region, and very few were children of local residents. There are five resource centres, and 58 community schools in the district.