Mallekh locals deprived of government services

Dhangadi, October 10

Around 400 households of Mallekh Rural Municipality-3 have been deprived of land ownership certificate in Achham.

Concerned authorities also express their helplessness in providing landownership certificates to the people as they failed to produce legal documents. Legal documents of those 400 land owners were destroyed in an attack by CPN-Maoist in Mangalsain during the insurgency.

It is said that locals were deprived of state facilities after their land went unregistered for a long period of time. A local Khadga Bahadur Shah said it was very difficult to pay land tax due to lack of legal documents as a result they could not take agriculture loan from banks. “No one has helped for registration of the land,” he added.

Chief Siya Ram Thakur at Special Survey Office, Achham, said they had been facing problems in distributing land ownership certificates due to lack of legal documents. “We have not been able to distribute land ownership certificates even after the ministry directed to distribute landownership certificates to locals,” he informed.

Chairman Lok Bahadur Bohora of Mallekh Rural Municipality said that the rural municipality’s meeting had decided to complete land registration process and provide certificates to the concerned. Bohora said that he had been visiting Ministry for Land Reforms and department of central survey office for a week. “We will soon distribute landownership certificates to locals,” he informed.