Man arrested for raping daughter in Morang

Biratnagar, November 12

It has come to the light that a man raped his 14-year-old daughter at Kanepokhari Rural Municipality, Morang.

The incident came to light after the man, aged 39, was remanded to custody by District Court Morang yesterday. Earlier, police had arrested him on the charge of raping his daughter, a Grade VIII student.

The victim’s father has been kept in custody of Area Police Office Pathari. Police have kept the identities of both victim and the perpetrator secret.

According to Inspector Kamal Bajgain, a complaint was filed at Area Police Office Pathari.

The case states that the man had raped the teenager daughter while her mother had gone to her parents’ home on October 24.  The girl, who had gone to her maternal uncle’s home with her mom in Tihar, had revealed the incident to her grandmother. After that, she (grandmother) had filed an FIR against her son-in-law with the police office on November 6.