Locals of Khata Jaibik Marga area of Bardiya National Park have been terrified by a man-eating tiger as the wild cat is yet to be identified.

As many as five persons were killed after the tiger attacked them. Three people have already lost their lives after the tiger attacked them along the East-West Highway.

National park administration said efforts are being made to identify the tiger through camera trapping.

Chief Conservation Officer Bishnu Shrestha said that they could not identify the tiger due to some technical reasons. He added that as many as four tigers have been moving around in the area, but the tiger that attacked people was yet to be identified. Khata Jaibik Marga connects Bardiya National Park with India's Katarniya Wildlife Conservation area.

Three to four days of camera trapping photos have been taken to identify the tiger by analysing how many times the tiger walked along the area. According to the national park, the same tiger has come in the area time and again to attack people.

Shrestha said that the tiger was yet to be identified even though the same tiger had appeared in the area time and again. He added that as many as four tigers were found in the area, but it was very difficult to identify which one had attacked the people. Shrestha said that they could not take all the four tigers under control.

National Natural Conservation Fund, Bardiya Chief Rabin Kadariya said that the tiger was yet to be identified due to delay in installation of the camera. The tiger killed three persons six months ago. He added that the tiger did not attack people inside human settlements. "We have been holding discussion on taking one of the tigers after the attacks increased," he added.

Kadariya said it was difficult to take the tiger under control due to the open border with India.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 17, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.