Man injured in April uprising still bed-ridden

Kavre, October 7

Mukesh Kayastha of Banepa Municipality- 2, Kavre, received bullets in his head during second people’s movement. More than a decade has passed but there are no signs for him to recover from injury any time soon.

Everyday his mother Mira offers prayers at the temple for her son’s good health.

My eyes have not dried up for the past 11 years since my son went into semi-conscious state, Mira shared. “I have been living with tears,” she bemoaned. She has not been anywhere but temple since her son went bed-ridden.

Kayastha family is committed to fending off Mukesh who sustained injury during the second people’s movement.

Mukesh’s father Krishnaman tries to console his wife, but breaks down himself failing to console himself. “Given the present state of our only son, how can we celebrate festivals like Dashain and Tihar?” Krishnaman wondered. Kayastha family was running a hotel but hey had to shut the hotel after Mukesh got injured.

After he received bullets, Mukesh spent around 11 months at a hospital for his treatment. He was admitted to many hospitals for follow-ups. Mukesh, who received bullet on his left temple in April uprising of 2006 at Banepa’s Tindobato, is in semi-conscious state for the past one decade. He can neither speak nor walk. He simply smiles a little when displayed something to him.

Despite the recovery of his bruises on his head, Mukesh has got a deep cut in his head. Mukesh was 14 when he was shot during the April uprising. He is 25 now.

Kayastha family is worried as their son goes into oblivion when the country marks Constitution Day and Republican Day every year.

“Many lost their lives. Some were injured and my son is in miserable state. Why are people who sacrificed for the country not remembered? Mira questioned. Four youths had lost their lives from Kavre in the uprising.

The government has been assisting Mukesh financially for his treatment. He receives Rs 15,000 per month for his livelihood. The government provides Rs 13,000 to keep a health worker for Mukesh. A foundation was set up in Banepa in Mukesh’s name.

Many appreciation letters have been put up on the wall of Mukesh’s bed. Former Prime Ministers had assured to declare Mukesh a living martyr, but they have not. Kayastha family has just one wish— to identify their son as living martyr. “We want the government to declare Mukesh a living martyr,” Mira said.