Media Action Nepal (MAN), a member of the Media Freedom Coalition- Consultative Network (MFC-CN), has been selected as the Council member of the South and Southeast Asian University Network Sub-committee of Journalism and Communication.

Recognizing MAN's active and influential role to promoting ethical, independent and credible journalism in Nepal and South Asia, the Council, the highest decision-making body of the sub-committee, on May 27 has decided to include MAN as one of the Council members.

The sub-committee established by the School of Journalism and Communication of Yunnan University, China and comprised of university media departments and research based media organizations of South and South-East Asia regions, aims to promote cooperation among members in the field of journalism and communication.

The sub-committee is expected to enhance the development of journalism and communication in universities in China, South Asia and Southeast Asia, and build an international platform for disciplinary cooperation and common development.

Thanking the Sub-committee for selecting MAN as the Council member, Laxman Datt Pant, MAN Chairperson said, "We look forward to contributing with our insights and expertise to strengthen cooperation among members in the journalism and communication disciplines and to promote joint projects among members including training, exchanges and research."

In addition to encouraging joint application of scientific research projects and building joint laboratories, this network aims to establish an information and resource sharing platform between members and open up cooperation channels.