Manager's Facebook status discloses Kailash Development Bank's scam

KATHMANDU: A branch manager, who posted a Facebook status after eloping to the United States unfolded millions of rupees scam of the bank, at the Lamachaur-based Kailash Development Bank in Pokhara recently.

Conman Rup Chandra Khanal flew to US after embezzling huge amount of funds of local people and the Bank.

A sleuth of Central Investigation Bureau apprehended three more banking staffs for their alleged involvement in banking fraud from the Lake City.

Operation in-charge Laxmi Kandel, Teller head Sushma Sharma and Dipika Koirala were presented before the High Court Butwal Bench after being detained from New Road branch office of the bank.

According to the Court Registrar Arjun Bahadur Rawat they were remanded for 7 days in custody under banking fraud case.

Speaking to THT Online over phone SP Meera Chaudary informed that at least seven bankers have been detained. "Police's preliminary investigation has revealed that Rs 30.2 million rupees have been embezzled, it would be too early to make any conclusion so at least a week investigation would conclude the case," SP Chaudary added.

She further said CIB Inspector Tika Regmi is leading the investigation into the case.

"Many evidences have been collected against Khanal who masterminded the heist with the help of junior staffs. Without their support it was not possible for Khanal to do it by himself," Regmi said.

"Even amounts were found to be released from various cheque numbers contradicting with the original cheques, it was sheer negligence from staffers' side," the investigating officer informed.

The detained staffers would be filed a case under the Banking Offence and Punishment Act 2007, according to police.

Khanal went out of contact on April 16 after attending the annual closing of the bank and did not show up after the New Year's holiday which rang alarm bells in the bank.

Two days later the bank resorted to the CIB and District Police Office against Khanal, it was too late by the time, bank had acted, he was already in the States posting a Facebook status, "being duped by bad circle of friends", which ultimately heralded his downfall.

The bank had prohibited to purchase and sale of his ancestral property in Tahanun, properties in Parsyang and Gagangauda in the Lake city.

Meanwhile, his wife who is employed in other commercial bank has been suspended from her duties.

It has been learned that Khanal had earlier visited the US and possess five years multiple visa.