Manpower crunch hits health facilities

Sindhuli, September 17

Healthcare services in many government health facilities in Sindhuli district have been adversely affected due to lack of adequate health personnel.

Although the 55 health centres in the district require a total of 372 health workers, only 229 are currently delivering services in various capacities while the 143 vacant posts are yet to be filled, said Dipendra Raya, officiating chief of the District Public Health Office, Sinduli.

“Many health centres here are on the brink of shutdown due to lack of human resources,” said Raya. Around 20 centres offering antenatal services are also hit hard by the human resource crunch. Raya added, “Many of these maternity centres are run by mid-wives since the recruitment of health personnel has till date not been successful.”

Raya shared that the DPHO, Sindhuli has repeatedly communicated this dire need to the Public Service Commission, demanding at least 16 healthcare assistants and 32 other health personnel for the current fiscal. Furthermore, he stated that as many as 10 Vaccine Centres in the district are currently not being operated due to severe shortage of human resource.