Many media workplaces ‘gender insensitive’

Kathmandu, March 12:

Media has developed immensely after 1990 and so has women representation in the sector

but a report recently released says majority of the media workplaces are gender insensitive and do not have provision of basic physical infrastructure including toilet.

A study conducted by the Sancharika Samuha on Status of Women Journalists revealed that 54.9 per cent of the 224 women journalists said their workplace did not have provision of separate toilet for women while 28.6 per cent of them said they had separate facility of toilet and the rest did not answer the question.

A total of 224 women journalists from both print and electronic media covering 48 districts across the five development regions were questioned to know about their professional, social and quantitative situation.

Of total respondents 62.9 per cent of them said their promotion, responsibility in work depended on their calibre while 23.7 percent said they are discriminated and not given important works.

While 8.9 per cent of women journalists are designated as editors and assistant editors,

37.9 per cent of them are reporters and 21 per cent are producers or programme producers.