Maoist activities against peace, says Moriarty

Nepalgunj, September 14 :

US Ambassador to Nepal, James F Moriarty, said today that the peace process cannot move ahead if the Maoists continue collecting donations forcibly, abducting people and threatening commoners.

Addressing a press conference in Nepalgunj after visiting some districts of the central and far-western regions, he said: “Peace process cannot proceed ahead if the Maoists continue their present activities. Extortion, abduction and threat to commoners are the obstacles to the peace process.”

“Peace process will be hindered if the Maoists put conditions to join the interim government, hold constituent assembly polls and warn of rebellion if the results are not as per their expectations.” He said free and fair election is not possible with weapons. “Prachanda’s latest remarks that he will continue extortion drive and his refusal to lay down arms have further complicated the peace process,” he said. “Losing faith in the UN is a signal that the Maoists are eluding away from the peace process.”

He said that his visit to the central and far-western Nepal is not meant to obstruct peace process. “We have never persuaded Nepalis to build their opinion against the Maoists. We have only said that the Maoists should lay down arms,” he said, adding, “It will not be appropriate to call Maoists a political party till they renounce arms.”

Asked if he was satisfied with the SPA-Maoist pact he replied: “It’s not me who needs to be satisfied.” On the issue of monarchy, he said Nepalis themselves should decide the position of monarchy.

He suggested the political parties to possess a vision of democratic Nepal.

Today’s programme to hand over books by US Ambassador Moriarty to the Mahendra multiple campus in Nepalgunj was put off due to protests.