Maoist cadres asked to quit party

TERATHUM: The UCPN-Maoist has decided to take action against those cadres who joined the movement of Brahmin and Khas Chhetri communities.

A meeting of the Limbuwan State Committee secretariat office decided to take action against such cadres. It said that the movement of those groups was against federalism.

According to Dharmachandra Lawati, in-charge of the Maoist Limbuwan State Committee, a meeting held in Ilam last Friday directed the party cadres, who have joined the Brahman and Khas movements,

to resign from their posts within a week.

“We have given them a deadline of tomorrow to resign or we will dismiss them from the party,’’ Lawati added.

The party came up with the decision after leaders

of the state committee

and district level leaders joined the Khas and Brahmin movements.

Lawati also said that it was insignificant that the ruling communities are forming organisations. ‘’The movements of the Khas and Brahmin communities are against federalism,’’ he added.