Maoist camp in Ilam gets power supply

Chulachuli, January 3:

The Maoist division camp at Chulachuli of Ilam has been supplied with electricity.

The Jhapa district branch office of the Nepal Electricity Authority concluded the electrification in the camp on Monday evening.

Ironically, while the Maoist division camp at Chulachuli lights up like a market centre at night, locals — forced to twiddle their thumbs in the dark — have no other option than to look at the illuminated Maoist camp and pray that they also get electricity facility.

A Maoist war reporter, Janjir, who visited different Maoist divisions and camps, said, “This might be the only Maoist camp that has got electricity.”

Electricity line till the Maoist first division was expanded from the main road at Karekha of Jhapa.

The Camp Management Committee had targeted to provide electricity to the Maoist division camp last week, but the work was delayed after the Forest Office lagged in removing trees falling in the way. The supply of electricity in the camp became possible after the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) personnel themselves felled the trees, Maoists’ technical chief Kiran said.

The electricians’ team of the Maoists has been installing electric bulbs and doing other work inside the division camp.

Ninety per cent of the work has been completed, member of the electricians’ team Sujan said. He added that two bulbs have been installed in each tent.

Electrician of the Maoist division, Sudan, said bulbs of less that 40 watts were used in all tents at the camp, adding that over 150 bulbs have been installed.