Maoist leader seeks action against

Kathmandu, June 4:

Central leader of the CPN-Maoist Agni Sapkota today urged the government to take action against US ambassador James F Moriarty for his “activities that violate diplomatic norms.” He also accused Moriarty of hatching a conspiracy with regressive forces here.

Addressing a programme at the Reporters’ Club, Sapkota said: “The government should take action against him. Our party will direct Maoist ministers to take up the agenda in the cabinet.”

He also alleged the government’s involvement in the “conspiracy” that is delaying the Constituent Assembly elections.

Sapkota also called upon the government to take stern action against persons, including king

Gyanendra, who figure in the Rayamajhi Commission’s report.

“They had earlier hatched conspiracies against the Maoists and not allowed them to join the interim parliament and the government and now they are hatching plots to delay the CA polls,” he said. “Why is the Prime Minister holding frequent meetings with Moriarty, who is working against the people here,” he questioned. He said Moriarty’s meetings with ministers, leaders and army officials are nothing but a conspiracy. He added that international forces have been hatching conspiracies against the system here.