Maoist making public suffer: Mahat

POKHARA: Nepali Congress central member Dr Ram Sharan Mahat said on Tuesday that the disrupted Legislature-Parliament will be resumed through majority.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Union Pokhara chapter, Mahat said that the UCPN -Maoist has created obstruction to the peace process by disrupting the House. He added that it will soon resume through constitutional and legitimate methods. He said that the public cannot suffer just for one party.

Former finance minister Mahat claimed that the House Speaker will have to use the power stated in the constitution and bring an ordinance to commence the Legislature-Parliament, so as to endorse the budget. He alleged that the Maoists' lust for power is reflected on their demand to form the government under their leadership. He blamed the Maoist for being the main obstacle in the present political stalemate.