Maoist Ministers should quit incumbent government: Leader Lekhak

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress leader Ramesh Lekhak has urged the CPN-Maoist Centre Ministers to quit PM Deuba-led government on morale grounds.

He further said that the broader leftist alliance between the CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Centres and other parties will not affect the ruling Nepali Congress, Lekhak said so while addressing an interaction programme in the Capital on Monday.

"NC withstood against the Ranas, fought against Panchyat and monarchy. NC is party with its supremacy and its own identity, we are not scared with any alliance," Lekhak clarified.

He also claimed that the NC will emerge victorious in the upcoming provincial and parliamentary elections and projected short life span of the newly formed leftist alliance.

"World is witnessing democratic system, however, in Nepal, leftist are trying to win with two-third majority in elections for the establishment of communist rule, which is against the norms of democracy," Lekhak lamented.

He also stressed that the leftist alliance was forged against the government and national interest.

Similarly, UML Secretary Bhimarjun Acharya speaking at the same programme, urged NC not to frighten with the leftist alliance for the upcoming polls.

He clarified that the leftist alliance would bring political stability in the national. He also said that UML is striving forward for the development of the nation on the democratic values and norms.

"The goal of all the communists is same, we all communists should be unified, within five years nation will head into the development path, people will re-elect UML if it works in favour of people's aspirations, UML would be rejected if it fails meet people's aspirations," Acharya added.

Communist rule is not possible in Nepal, UML is committed to lead the nation towards economic prosperity through democratic system, Acharya said.