Maoist stand on royalists’ land

Biratnagar, January 12 :

The Maoists have decided not to return grabbed lands of the royalists.

Morang district Maoist in-charge Sagar said the seized land of civilians is being given back but the grabbed lands of supporters of monarchy will not be returned. “The land is being returned as per the 12-point pact reached between the seven parties and the Maoists,” Sagar said.

The Maoists have captured 900 bighas of land in Morang since 2001. They returned 10 bighas of land belonging to Bishnu Prasad Dahal at Baniga in the district today, Maoist sources said. “We decided to return the 10 bighas of land of Bishnu Prasad Dahal,” area secretary of the Maoists’ regional coordination committee no-5 Bijaya Tharu said. “Fifty-nine bighas of land registered in the name of Tulsijung Karki was returned to him 10 days ago.