Maoists must give up arms for alliance: KC

Himalayan News Service

Nuwakot, July 5:

Nepali Congress spokesperson, Arjun Narsingh KC, said today that there cannot be an alliance

with the Maoists unless they give up violence and stop terrorising the public. Addressing reporters at a meeting held at his residence in Bidur he said: “There will not be any kind of alliance with anybody involved in violence and the insurgency.” He pointed out that Maoists have often announced that they would not attack civilians, public property and educational institutions but they have not honoured their word. “Unless they keep their word, there cannot be an alliance.” When asked about NC president Girija Prasad Koirala’s meeting with Maoist leaders, KC said that there has not been any formal talks. “The seven political parties have come to a conclusion that the solution to the present crisis cannot be found with weapons.”

“Therefore, realising that somebody has to take the initiative for talks, the party leaders held informal talks with the rebels,” he said, adding that the parties will hold talks with the Maoists openly. The NC spokesperson stressed that that his party still believes in the concept of constitutional monarchy and that a consensus between the King and the parties can bring the Maoists to the mainstream. He said that political activities after the February 1 takeover are attempts to establish an active role for monarchy. KC reiterating the need to reinstate the House of Representatives for the sake of democracy and to move the country forward said:

“This is not a permanent solution.” KC also has declared that he would be a candidate for NC’s central membership during its 11th convention to be held in August-September. He said that the convention will decide the future policies by reviewing the situation. “The convention will pave the way for the unity of the two congresses, thus ending their internal disagreement,” he added.