Kathmandu, November 28:

The CPN-Maoist today published an executive summary of its recently concluded plenum that laid emphasis on making an alliance with the parliamentary parties to bring an end to the autocratic regime. The plenum has expressed “new” commitment to multiparty democracy and fundamental rights, and pointed out the need for peaceful solution to the conflict. In a press statement issued today, Maoist supreme Prachanda said the plenum stressed the need for reaching an alliance with the parliamentary forces to end the King’s autocracy, forming an interim government and holding an election to a constituent assembly. It said ethnic, regional and gender problems would be resolved by making structural reforms in democratic republic.

It also said that the party would review the three-month-old unilateral ceasefire and take

“military” strategy against feudal autocratic regime. “The decision of the plenum reflects the party’s flexibility and readiness to find a solution to the crisis the country is facing,” said the statement, which also warned that the party would fight till the last if they were forced by the “feudal autocratic elements”.

The statement also promised not to repeat past mistakes and improve relation with the people. The party formed a 33-member convention organising committee headed by Prachanda and the plenum dissolved the 95-member central committee. According to the statement, Laldhowj (Dr Baburam Bhattarai) has been appointed the coordinator and Kanchha

Bahadur the secretary to organise a “broader national political conference”.