Maoists seize former ministers land in Panchthar

PHIDIM: Unified CPN-Maoist cadres seized three ropanis of land belonging to former agriculture and food minister Premraj Angdambe at Wards No 1 and 2 in Phidim, Panchathar headquarters, on Saturday evening. A group of Maoist cadres led by Chandra Tamang seized the land registered in the name of Kamala Devi, wife of Angdambe, by hoisting three party flags.

The family of former minister has been living in Ilam. Bhagiman Mukhiya, a local, had been entrusted with the responsibility to look after the plantation on the land.

Mahendra Angdambe, UCPN-Maoist sub-in-charge, Area No 5, Panchthar, claimed that Premraj had illegally transferred the land belonging to his son -in-law Jagat Bahadur Nembang in his family’s name back in 1986.

He claimed Maoists seized the land after Dhanmaya of

the victim’s family lodged

a complaint with his party

to get back the land.

“We shall return the seized land to the victim’s family,” Nembang claimed.

Premraj Angdambe, however, claimed that he had not transferred the land in his family’s name but had purchased it from Jagat Bahadur.

He alleged that the Maoists have seized his land at the

behest of certain unscrupulous elements.

Meanwhile, CPN-UML, Nepali Congress and Limbuwan party in the district have condemned the land seizure by the Maoists.