Maoists still calling shots in Ramechhap

Ramechhap, January 19:

Although the Maoist chairman Prachanda yesterday declared dissolution of the Peoples’ Government and all parallel institutions, the Tokanpur chief of the Maoist ‘People’s Government’, Kiran, today wrote and distributed a letter to villagers to displace the reinstated Tokanpur area police office.

The Tokanpur APO was re-established on January 4.

In the letter, Kiran asked the locals to gather to displace the reinstated police post, locals said over telephone. “Maoists distributed letter to the villagers to force the police personnel to be returned from the reinstated police post,” DSP Shiv Hari Banskota in the Ramechhap district police office.

At present, 35 police personnel have been deployed in the Tokanpur police post. Maoist Ramechhap district in charge Namuna expressed ignorance regarding this issue. Meanwhile, police personnel, who were sent back from Bethan police post, are still staying in cowsheds at Hiledevi VDC, the DPO said.