Phidim, November 9:

Maoists have threatened to padlock the homes and capture the lands of those going for foreign employment from different villages of Paanchthar district if they do so without the rebels’ sanction.

A statement signed by the chief of the Maoists’ announced district government, Bishnu Tumbapo, said locals will be allowed to go for foreign employment only if they agree to submit 50 per cent of their remittance to the Maoists.

The statement was distributed in different parts of the district this week.

The Maoists extorted Rs 60,000 from a youth of Khajum who had returned from Malaysia recently. Before the Maoist threat, around 30-40 youths of Paanchthar used to come to get their passports daily in order to go for foreign employment.

The number has dropped steeply after the Maoist’s recent declaration, the district administration office, Paanchthar said. The Maoists have even threatened to take action against those providing loans and the agents of those going without agreement with them. The Maoists admitted to having padlocked the home of one civilian of Lungrupa of Paanchthar who left for abroad without their consent.