Maoists unsure on no-trust vote

KATHMANDU: Unified CPN-Maoist, the single largest party, is preparing to summon a special session of the parliament to seek solution to the protracted political deadlock and to press for the statute drafting process.

Constituent Assembly member Khim Lal Devkota said, “The House is open for us to table the no-confidence motion against the government anytime we want.” He said the party is discussing the issue but is yet to make a concrete decision. The incumbent government is an obstacle for peace and constitution-drafting processes so its fall is essential for the country to move ahead. “Since our party is responsible and has decided to ensure peace and constitution at all cost we must bring down this government first and then seek confidence of other parties to garner two-third majority necessary for the new constitution,” he said.

Top leaders of the party that included Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, Vice-chairmen Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Narayan Kaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’, however, have been flatly denying that the party is preparing for no confidence motion.

Chairman Dahal said his party is preparing for a special session of the parliament against the increasing corruption, murder and insecurity rampant in the country among others.

Standing committee member Amik Sherchan claimed that the party wanted to seek national consensus through special session of parliament. He claimed that no confidence motion will create rift among the political parties.

As the largest party of

the country, UCPN-M

has decided to work out

for national consensus

as the new constitution needs approval of two-third majority.

The top Maoist leaders, however, have been claiming that the new constitution was not possible without the formation of a national joint government. A recent standing committee meeting had decided to begin consultation with other party leaders for national consensus. At the same time the party has collected signatures of its CA members with an intention to call the special session of the parliament and table the no-confidence motion against the Madhav Kumar Nepal led government.

Politburo member Devendra Poudel ‘Sunil’ claimed that the party had discussed no confidence motion but the latest standing committee has dropped it for while. “The party bats for national consensus for the new constitution and for which a joint national government under the leadership of Maoist is essential,” he said.

But the option of no-confidence motion is always there for the main opposition, Poudel quipped.