Market inspection in Bajura seizes expired products

BAJURA: A market inspection conducted by a team led by Cottage Industry Development Committee (Gharelu Bikas Samiti) has found shops selling date expired food items in the district.

The team, which included officials from District Administration Office, Chamber of Commerce, Civil Society, journalists, security forces, inspected the shops in Daab Bazaar, Betalmandau, Ritha and Bamka Bazaar.

Chief of the development committee, Maan Bahadur Chaat informed that food items such as noodles, biscuits, spices, flour, gram flour, oil, drinks, chocolate, et cetera, were destroyed afterwards.

The team found that the food items were far past the safety for eating and had started to degrade.

It further checked and analysed the price lists, quality measures, billing procedures and manufacturing date.

Meanwhile, Chair of Bajura Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dev Bahadur Rokaya, said that the inspection would be tightened further.