Mass hysteria grips girls in Dhading school

Dhading, August 26

Classes have been affected after mass hysteria gripped girl students of Kalidevi Secondary School located at Aarubash of Siddalek Rural Municipality in Dhading district.

Mass hysteria had been seen in some girls in the school last year as well. This year, the disease has gripped as many as 35 students.

Around 16 schoolgirls collapse on a daily basis in their classrooms. According to headteacher Jhak Bahadur Magar, some students even collapse during the morning assembly, while others lose consciousness for no apparent reasons while sitting on the bench.

“The disease had gripped one or two students four months ago. But now symptoms are rampant in many girls,” said headteacher Magar.

Girls suffering from mass hysteria have been taken to local health facilities and shaman, seeking treatment, but to no avail, said Magar.

With the outbreak of the disease, students have stopped attending classes. Schoolgirls, especially from Grade III to Grade IX are suffering from mass hysteria.

Psychological counsellor Rajan Duwadi said medication would not cure the disease as its causes are more related with emotions. According to Duwadi, Unified Community Development Centre is offering psychological counselling to students, teachers and parents. “Mass hysteria happens due to familial problems and physical growth with the advancement of age,” Duwadi said.