Matrika Yadav warns of armed struggle

RAJBIRAJ: Matrika Yadav, the central coordinator of CPN (Maoist), said that Madhesi people would be compelled to use weapons in self-defence given that the armed suppression upon them was not withdrawn at the earliest.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the Madhesi Journalists Society Saptari chapter today, he also stressed the need of a force of Madhesi youth in the region. However, whether the force would be armed or unarmed would be determined based on the government’s attitude, the Maoist leader said.

There were two lines of thought in the Madhes currently, Yadav explained, one that demands the Madhes state and other that demands a state with independence in decision-making inside the state.

Stating his favour for a state with inclusive participation, he said his cadres might demand an independent state based on the government response.

He said the Madesi leaders of the ongoing Tarai agitation must move forward together with a definite direction.

Earlier in a press meet on Saturday, he had criticised the top leaders of Madhes-based parties for their modus operandi, which he said, weakened the agitation.

Speaking on a different topic, he expressed his disagreement over the demands of Dr CK Raut, stating that the time to demand for a separate state was yet to come.

Central members of the CPN (M), Jagat Yadav, Mahesh Yadav, district chapter chief Jaya Prakash Yadav among others were present in the meet.