MAW advertisement sends COVID shivers in Nepali film industry

Kathmandu, August 6

Actor Anmol KC, who shot a commercial for the trading house Morang Auto Works Enterprises a few days ago, today heaved a sigh of relief after testing negative for the novel coronavirus disease, but his co-star Upasana Singh Thakuri is awaiting the result of her test with bated breath. The duo and others involved in the shooting of the commercial were forced to take COVID test since six staffers of MAW were diagnosed with the respiratory contagion.

The advertisement was shot at the headquarters of the trading house which is the dealer for several auto brands, including Yamaha and Skoda.

KC, who had shot the advertisement campaign for the two-wheeler, Yamaha Fascino 125, had to undergo the test after a MAW staffer contracted COVID-19, according to a source close to KC.

"The actor underwent a polymerase chain reaction test two days ago, and it came out negative," the source revealed, adding that KC and Thakuri had shot the advertisement a few days ago.

An official of the trading house who didn’t want to be named told THT that they had called KC, Thakuri and the make-up artiste involved in the shooting of advertisement immediately and asked them to undergo PCR test. Test results of others are awaited.

The official was, however, unable to explain how his company’s offices, including showrooms, have been operating normally since the six of its staffers had tested positive of the contagion.