MEA India responds to closure of Biratnagar Camp Office of Indian Embassy

KATHMANDU: The Indian Embassy in Nepal has decided to close its camp office in Biratnagar, Morang.

Ministry of External Affairs, India has responded to queries on the closure of the Biratnagar-based camp office.

The Official Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs, in their media briefing, said, "The Biratnagar Camp Office of the Embassy of India in Nepal was opened in 2008 to deal with the situation arising out of devastating Koshi floods. The purpose for which this Camp Office was opened has been fulfilled. GoI had already decided to wind up the Camp Office and re-locate the personnel. This decision was conveyed by Prime Minister Modi to his Nepali counterpart during his visit to Nepal last week. The PM of Nepal thanked PM for informing him about this decision."

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had been indicating that the camp office would eventually be closed. Nepal had, reportedly, also been requesting the Indian government to close the camp office in Biratnagar.

Meanwhile, a bomb had gone off at the premises of the camp office on the evening of April 16. The western wall of the office had been damaged in the blast, authorities had reported. However, no human casualties had been reported.